Jurying the level 1 art show #Florida

The art works from all the level 1 art classes will be on exhibit April 20 – May 19 at the Arthaus. Watch this space for an informational graphic when it becomes available. Right now the last of the Florida theme projects are coming out of the glaze kiln. This week ceramics students will work in pairs to select the pieces that will be sent to the exhibit. They will use the worksheet below to evaluate and score the selected pieces.

After last year’s activity to select the artworks, I reflected on how to encourage the jurors stakeholders in the process. I want them to consider the artistic behaviors they have been practicing while building their own artwork such as communication, planning, originality, craftsmanship. My objective is that the students in the juror role contemplate all the steps of creating these pieces, and recognize that the most successful artworks are not always the ones that are the most clever but ones that communicate a clear idea, shows mastery of the elements of art, or confident use of material and techniques.

This Juror’s worksheet was modified from Mrs. Christine Colby’s worksheet that her AP students use as a peer “mock scoring activity” for the 3-D AP breadth section. Christine teaches ceramics and 3-D studio art, she shared the lesson with other high school art teachers at an AP art teachers’ workshop held February 17, at the Arthaus.

The following artworks are the ones selected for the exhibitions. Congratulations to all the ceramics 1 students on your diverse ideas, interpretations and hard work.

Research images from the MET

Pouring vessel
ca. 1550–1458 B.C.
Egypt, Dynasty 18, early

vessel with handles
8th–9th century
Excavated in Iran, Nishapur

embellished with lines
Terracotta jar with three handles
ca. 1600–1500 B.C.

This is an example of the post you are completing to show you have learned to refine your search of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s online collection. Create a citation for each image. Here is a link to the assignment sheet. I will add to this page throughout the day as a demonstration of uploading the image and creating a caption with correct content.

Here is the LINK to the document to help narrow down the geographic region and time period using the Met Museum’s filter.

Storage vessel
2nd century B.C.–A.D. 3rd century

Terracotta straight-sided cup
ca. 1750–1700 B.C.

color to embellish
Lidded Vessel
3rd–4th century