Where did the time go?

Where did the time go?

Since Irma scrambled our schedule a bit, I needed a third summative assessment for the 1st quarter in Ceramics 1. In the future students will present a finished artwork as a summative, but I wouldn’t require that in the first quarter these days. We will end the quarter with a nine weeks test. Today I […]

Blogging with Students

Hi, I created this post to share information with workshop participants at VolusiaLEARNS. You can contact me through Vo.Co. email or find me on twitter @MissAclay. I am excited to hear how your blogging adventure begins. Blogging with Students PowerPoint Link to Padlet

Notes on Blog Post #11 and Final Portfolio

I’m finally trying to learn to use Prezi, I created this presentation to help with Blog #11.   Here are links to Final Portfolio examples and the assignment handout. Seniors due May 12, 2017  –  Underclassmen  due May 19, 2017 Teacher’s Example of Final Portfolio Blog Post Student Final Portfolio Example Student Final Portfolio Example Final Portfolio Handout   […]

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