About Open Studio

     This is a blog for high school ceramics classes in Port Orange, FL. About 2700 students attend our high school. It has a vigorous Visual and Performing Fine Arts Program.

     This is the beginning of my classroom blogging experience. For now, only other ceramics students can read and comment on the blogs. When we are confident in our blogging skills, I will share a password with students’ parents and teachers at our school. And when we are awesome, I’ll will change the settings to the public. All comments are moderated by me, the teacher. But please feel free to comment on the blog or contact me.

In my classes, I am moving away from grading projects but grading process, ideas, response and reflection. Summative Assessment through the class blogs will allow for increased creativity and expression in the studio projects, studio projects may be a flop while the reflection is top notch, more flexibility to redo an assessment,  developing artist behaviors not just craft specialists.

I am utilizing the “Big Ideas” from Florida Next Generation Sunshine Standards to guide the themes for each unit.

  • Critical Thinking and Reflection
  • Historical and Global Connections
  • Innovation,Technology, and the Future
  • Organizational Structure
  • Skills, Techniques, and Process

Notice how skills,techniques and process are a fifth of the studio class’s content, this new shift will allow students’ ideas, reflection and acquired knowledge to shine.

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