Blogging tips and links

 How to change the email linked to your blog

Remembering your URL

Tip 1 hover the cursor over your blog on the main page, look for the address/url at the lower left of the screen

Tip2 first name last initial SC (Spruce Creek) year you graduate

How to find a draft

Go to your dashboard, click on “Posts” (thumbtack icon) select “all posts”.

This link has all the information you need about adding images to your posts.

Upload a picture from your phone

log into your blog through a web browser, find the “+” icon and select “Media”

You can choose to take a picture or upload from your camera roll.

Inserting a picture into a post from your phone or laptop

Rotate a picture

Select the image and look in the right hand column, select “edit” and rotate, save and update.

Adding a caption (Citation) to your images.

Click the “add media” button at the top of the box where you are composing your post.

After your image is uploaded, click on it in your media library. Enter your content in the “Caption” box at the far right.


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