Open Studio, A January Update

Ben works on the eyes. Open the image to learn more about his work.

This week, students commented on their peers’ blogs. We used the same procedure, T.A.G., for commenting as we used on gallery walks and peer progress checks during the first semester. I learned the T.A.G. strategy from Sheri Callahan, the art teacher at Hinson Middle School. T stands for “tell them something you like about their work,” A for “ask them a question” and G “give a suggestion.” The mnemonic is easy to recall and helps guide students to compose positive and constructive comments. I am also striving to hit all three on the blog grade tickets that I return to the students. While fourth period class was writing and posting their comments, we were visited by two guidance counselors and the media specialist as a part of a campus wide “Learning Walk.”

Students used a 2D human head proportion diagram as a guide during this activity.

The blogs are used for the reflection component of the course. Though we don’t wait until a project is finished to reflect, the blog is a snapshot of the work that has happened over the past two weeks. Ceramics 1 students recently completed and reflected on a skill-building challenge where they used an enclosed pinched form to create a portrait. The four, level one classes, are starting a new theme project “Up Close” so some also included the activities completed to generate ideas and different ways to consider the theme.
Even if you are not in pottery class, we welcome your comments too.

The first batch of finished projects are ready to be fired.


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  1. Kirsty January 31, 2018 at 8:55 pm |

    Your pottery heads look great!

  2. Kathleen Morris February 3, 2018 at 6:06 am |

    Hi Heather,

    I love the TAG idea! I’m going to share this in next week’s course post. I’m also going to share your blog on Twitter in the next few days. Love you work! 🙂


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