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In Ceramics I, students have researched and practiced different methods of manipulating the texture of the clay. Learning how each stage of clay allows your marks to have a different effect. Everyone in 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th periods is finishing up their coiled bowl with texture. As this work wraps up, students are envisioning and planning their independent ceramic object “For Use at Home.”

We started generating ideas for projects from a list of types of objects which was presented to each class. Students reviewed the ideas I presented and then had a chance to contribute more ideas to the list.

Beginning Monday in class, students started to do visual research on the forms and embellishments, looking for inspiration for the new project. I shared a presentation that students can access digitally that includes primarily hand-built contemporary ceramic artists’ works. This Tuesday in class, students completed a Bell Ringer, that in the past might have required “cutting and pasting” from magazines. Instead, students used Ceramics Monthly magazines and virtually cut out pictures by taking a picture, then pastedĀ the images on a digital bulletin board, Padlet. Below are their works. You should still be able to star or comment on the images.


Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet
I encourage students and their families to have a conversation about objects they might make. Maybe it is a spoon holder for the stove. Maybe someone made a piece of their own in a pottery class that has since been broken, what would the recreated 2018 version look like?

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