Ceramics 2 Projects

Hi there, thank you for looking. 2017 – 2018 school year projects will be posted and updated on CANVAS! You are welcome to browse projects from the past here. Miss A.
Semester 2
Choose one of the forms below:
  • What is the difference between a set and a series? Answer this question as you research and plan your project. Create one of the other with at least three components. Communicate one of the theme words with your decisions in form, shape, space, texture and color. Include areas of interest all around and as a part of each piece in the set or series.
  •  Create a sculpture that hangs on the wall. It can be made up of one or more pieces. Communicate one of the theme words with your decisions in form, shape, space, texture and color. Be sure to plan how you are going to hang or install the artwork.
  •  Create a centerpiece, scale is going to be important to make a grand presentation. (Your goal is at least 12 inches in one direction) Again your task is to utilize all of the elements of art to communicate your theme and build areas of interest all throughout your artwork.
Choose a theme

Select one of the words that we worked with in class, use it to create the theme of your artwork. Consider how we made associations with other words, communicated the theme with overlapping colored shapes and creating abstract forms with clay.







Semester 1

It is expected that when you are in class you are working on your art work, this includes planning, sketching, using text based resources, glazing, working on test tiles, blogging, documenting work in progress and finished artwork.  If you have frequent absences, more than three days in a quarter attend open studio during lunch to make up for missed studio time. Choose from the following projects, it does not matter the order in which you complete the assignments.

Introwheelduction to the Pottery Wheel
img_4952Nesting or Stacking Forms


13vcs-10-guruvadoo-schsTrompe L’oeil


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