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“Up Close” Ceramics 1’s theme project

"Up Close" Ceramics 1's theme project

This year the Level 1 project is “Up Close”. I really struggled with how to present the theme to ceramics classes. One class period students rotated through stations, completing three of the four. One Nearpod activity introduced photographers who played with scale in their work. In another video students saw the work of Chuck Close […]

Open Studio, A January Update

Students used a 2D human head proportion diagram as a guide during this activity.

This week, students commented on their peers’ blogs. We used the same procedure, T.A.G., for commenting as we used on gallery walks and peer progress checks during the first semester. I learned the T.A.G. strategy from Sheri Callahan, the art teacher at Hinson Middle School. T stands for “tell them something you like about their […]

December update

December update

In ceramics 1 classes, students have been designing and building a centerpiece, set, or a pair of tableware forms. Since completion of the utilitarian form students learned to work with slabs, stiff slab construction to create flat planes and crisp edges, soft slabs wrapped around cylindrical forms, and soft slabs draped and slumped into and […]

Where did the time go?

Where did the time go?

Since Irma scrambled our schedule a bit, I needed a third summative assessment for the 1st quarter in Ceramics 1. In the future students will present a finished artwork as a summative, but I wouldn’t require that in the first quarter these days. We will end the quarter with a nine weeks test. Today I […]

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