Blogging Guidelines

Your blog posts should include three photographs (at least one of your work) and nine to ten sentences that analyze your ceramic artwork and address the assigned questions.

You are encouraged to type a draft in a word processing program: Word, Google Doc, even Notes. Choosing one that will help you with spelling, grammar and punctuation is a plus. If you have a problem “publishing” you have a copy of your work, making it much easier to save and try again later. 

Blog Entry Rubric

Blog Grading Ticket

Never include last names, email addresses, telephone numbers, street addresses or any other personally identifiable information about yourself or those you mention in your posts or comments.

Citations – using OASC digital images

  • maker or culture
  • date(s) the work was made
  • owner of the artwork
  • url -address where you obtained the image, and the date you accessed the image at that address

Commenting Guidelines

  • By commenting you are connecting with others, sharing ideas, starting a conversation. Reread your work before you “send” and make sure you are showing your best self.
  • Be positive.
  • Compose at least 2 – 5 sentences.
  • Keep your comment on topic.
  • Be respectful to author and others who are posting comments.
  • Avoid texting shortcuts “U” and “R” and limit use of emoticons.
  • Include a question to start a discussion, include a link to your blog. (Ask about materials, techniques or ideas that you would like to know more about.)

Great starters:

This made me think about…

This is important to share because…

What I find most interesting is…

It is important to consider…

I can relate to this because…

I was reminded of when…

I don’t understand…

This reminds me of…

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  1. willw82 November 3, 2015 at 11:35 am |

    Trescott S. and Patrick T. gave a lot of information about their bowls. I’d say they did pretty well, explained in great detail, and described how they had made their form. I relate to this because I give in good detail of how my bowls are made, any mistakes i’ve made in the process, and what I did to make the bowls better. What do you others think?


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